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This condo was begging to be redone.  Everything had to go in every room! No Florida pastels for this client — "Moroccan" was the requested theme. Using a color palette based on "Moroccan" colors paired with assorted metal finishes and unique furnishing, we took a tired, old condo and a gave it a "Moroccan Coastal" makeover.

(click image for full view)

Guest Bedroom / Bath —

Goodbye pink chiffon…hello Moroccan blue! Creating a colorful accent wall added energy to this otherwise plain room. 

The guest bathroom also required a whole

new look. Working around an existing tub and shower doors - a new vanity, and stylized floor tile added a 'Moroccan' spark of fun to room.


(click image for full view)

"We LOVE our condo and it was great to work with Genny.  She is super creative, but also manages the process and workers really well, and respects the budget!"

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