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In 2015 my life changed abruptly when we lost our oldest son, Clay at age 19.  The owner of a graphic design/marketing business for 25+ years my focus had been branding, logos, and corporate communications.  However, suddenly it didn't feel right anymore. 


In 2017, with encouragement from several friends, I made a professional shift from graphic design & marketing to interior design and have loved every moment.  I have always maintained that good design applies to all that is visual; including decorating.  My graphic design background and extensive renovation experience sets my work apart from typical interior designers.  I understand the process and nuances of both renovation and interior design and provide creative attention to detail that will make your project run smoothly. I specialize in finding the perfect balance of old mixed with new and understand that the function of a space and how it will be used, is as important as the colors, textures and furnishings.


While my professional life began in corporate communications, I have renovated, built and redecorated my whole adult life. This is my

passion now.

I'd love to help you transform your space into something really beautiful, unique and functional.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Not everyone has a comfort level with renovating a space, choosing colors and finding the perfect finishing touches. But I do.


THIS is why I created Solo HOME Designs.


SHD will assist with managing the construction project from design concept to project completion. Renovation projects require knowledge of the process and understanding of the materials and details.  I will work closely with the architect and contractor to make sure every aspect of the renovation is addressed down to the finest detail.  Whether building new or redesigning an existing space, I specialize in providing beautiful solutions using moderately priced materials in a creative way. I will research and shop to present options for layout, fixtures, furnishing, accessories, hardware, lighting and everything in between. We will work together so that you can enjoy the process and love the end result.

SHD will provide advise on layout, color, texture, furniture, furnishings, and art down to the finest detail.  Sometimes a "refresh" is all you need.  I excel in finding the balance between old and new and will begin with carefully evaluating your space and any items you currently own for possible placement and use. 
Providing practical, creative solutions to make your space unique, beautiful and functional is my passion. I will research and shop for needed items - always with budget in mind. With so many options available today - it's not necessary to spend a fortune to create a fresh new look. We will work together and make all decisions together. In the end — it is your space and I want you to love it!

. . . . . . . . . . . .


SHD has a unique approach to billing which I believe is in the best interest of the client and SHD.  I do not bill on an hourly basis or add mark up to product or construction costs.  

SHD will present a project bid/agreement for design services based on a detailed, mutually agreed upon 'Scope of Work'. 'The Scope of Work' will include a comprehensive outline of all project details and services needed.  When we're finished, your space will be complete with every picture hung and every detail addressed.

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