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This condo was begging to be redone.  Everything had to go in every room! No Florida pastels for this client — "Moroccan" was the requested theme. Using a color palette based on "Moroccan" colors paired with assorted metal finishes and unique furnishing, we took a tired, old condo and a gave it a "Moroccan Coastal" makeover.

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(click image for full view)

Living Room / Lanai —

Enough comfortable seating for the whole family, a bar area using an existing wine cooler, and oh, yeah - "Moroccan Coastal"! do we make a long wall not seem so long? A vertical piece of bullnose molding creates a line of demarkation between the living room and lanai and allows us to add a pop of green color to offset a favorite piece of framed artwork and create a dining experience.


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"We LOVE our condo and it was great to work with Genny.  She is super creative,

but also manages the process and workers really well, and respects the budget!"

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