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This third floor guest bath needed everything. A modern "retro" theme was the desired look which meant finding a cool console sink with polished chrome accents and adding pretty chrome sconces to flank the mirror.  No longer needing the tub allowed us to relocate the sink and create a comfortable layout.  Wood detail added to three walls only, and a fresh, bold color helped highlight the window and make the walls come alive. A modern twist on a retro floor design pulled the whole look together.


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It was a delight to work with Genny.            She helped us make good product choices and worked with us while we considered various design options.  If something didn’t turn out as expected, Genny worked to make it right.  At the end of the project, she left us with a complete accounting of the products pur-chased and all associated project costs.  We were not caught off guard by unexpected or hidden costs.  Genny is a pleasure to work with  - we’re glad we hired her.

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